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1960's Rambler/AMC History

In 1960 AMC countered the new compact cars introduced by the other carmakers with a four door American model. As a result, AMC held it's own for 1960 despite the threats form the Big Three. In 1961 the intermediate-sized models were called Rambler Classics. The Rambler American series was completely face lifted and a four-door station wagon and a convertible were added. The American and Classic series came in three levels of trim: Deluxe, Super and Custom. In 1962, the Super line was discontinued as a middle market offering and 400 identification was used for a new top of the line model designation. Two-door sedans were added to the Classic and Ambassador series.  In 1963, the Classic and Ambassador
got completely new bodies. A restyling included all new curved side glass. Model names were revamped. Deluxe and Custom designations were replaced with numbers: American 220, 330 and 440. Classic 550, 660 and 770 and Ambassador 880 and 890. In 1964, the Rambler American was completely restyled. The Classic and Ambassador received minor facelifts. The 1965 American changed little but the Classics and Ambassadors had major facelifts. The new Marlin was introduced as a midyear 1965 model and competitor to the Mustang and Barracuda. The marlin was essentially the Classic with a fastback roof. The Marlin and Ambassador continued in 1966, but the Rambler name was not applied to them. They were AMC models now. AMC introduced an entirely new line of larger cars were in the 1967 model year with the Classic series becoming the Rebel. The Javelin debuted in late 1967 as a 1968 model. A two-passenger sports car, the AMX bowed in February 1968. The Hornet replaced the Rambler American in the fall of 1969 as a 1970 model and the Rambler name was discontinued.

Source: Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975

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