With apologies to those in the newspaper advertising business, that's not where the action is anymore. With potential buyers now seeking cars from across the country the Internet is the main resource to use. A picture and detailed description of the car is worth the proverbial thousand words.

There are many great sites promoting the buying and selling of classic cars. Sites such as:
These sites have thousands of classic cars for sale across the U.S. They usually have a detailed description of the cars and multiple photos to help determine the condition of the car. The price to list a classic car for sale is usually less than a small 2-inch ad in the newspaper that does not include a photo. You can also sort listings by many variables such as: price, year, make, model, and distance from where you live.

Even though E-bay uses an auction model for their buyers and sellers, there are several large auction houses that specialize in live classic car auctions. Auction fever has swept the classic car world in the last several years where classic car prices have gone upwards of one million dollars for rare models. However, there are still plenty of bargains for the average classic car buyer. If you have never been to a car auction, it might be wise to attend your first classic car auction in a "test mode." Pick out several cars that interest you and then see if the ending bid's price matches up to the value you chose for the car.
In a live bidding environment, the pace is fast and furious and the adrenalin is flowing.
You need to be careful not to get caught up in the excitement and the pressure of the moment and stay within your budget range.

Visit these sites for information on Classic Car Auctions.
Car Shows
A great and wonderful way to buy or sell your classic car. For a potential buyer, you can view a variety of different cars to begin narrowing down your choices. Also, you get to see the cars in a more relaxed setting. You may be able to look the cars over a little more thoroughly than if you set an appointment with a seller and with the seller expecting to make the sale that day. Another important benefit is that the seller is present and you can ask many questions and hopefully get detailed answers. Seeing the car in person is always preferred to buying strictly from photos. For the sellers, car shows attract many people that do not own a classic car, yet. But the key is, that they have an interest in classic cars or they would not be there! Some people might not think that they can afford a classic car until they see your beauty up for sale.

Specialty Magazines
There are several good sources of magazines catering to the classic car enthusiast.
Many have classified ad sections to sell or buy your classic car.
Here are some excellent magazines to subscribe to, for information about classic cars:

Classic Car Magazines

Ok, I will add this section, but only because many major metropolitan newspapers have a large circulation especially in their Sunday editions. However, considering buying a classic car from a two-sentence description and without a photo in the ad, is kind of like going on a blind date. Not sure what to expect when you arrive.

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