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One of the biggest advantages of marketing your car is to list your advertisement on
the Internet. However, you usually only get one chance to make a good impression
before the buyer is on to the next ad looking for their dream car. Here are some tips
for putting your classic car up for sale.

Unless your car for sale is a restoration project, there are no excuses for taking photos
or showing a dirty or cluttered car. Remove all the clutter from the inside of the interior.
Give the car a good cleaning and use products like Armor All to enhance the interior.
Also, a good wax and tire shine product will make the car more appealing.

Take good quality photos of many angles of your car. The buyer especially wants to
see views of the front, rear, side, interior front seats, dashboard and engine. These are
 he minimum that you should include in your ad. Other serious buyers, especially those
from out of town, may also want more detailed photos of other views of the car including
the trunk and the underside. If you do not have excellent current photos, you should take new photos. Digital cameras usually allow you to take many photos and you can use only the ones that look the best. Use good common sense when planning and taking the photos. Don't take the photos at night. Make sure the car is well lit so the buyer can see the car.If some photos come out poorly or blurry, don't use them. It is better to retake the photos instead of spending time trying to explain what is in the photo is not actually a defect. If you do have defects in the car you can also take an up-close photo so that the potential buyer knows exactly what they are buying. Using a good photo editor will help improve the pictures even further. Many are easy to use and they offer great results.

Also, consider the setting where you take the car photos. You want to attract buyer's eyes and put the car in the best possible situation. Needless to say, if you take the photos of your car in a junkyard, the buyer will believe it is a piece of junk and move on. It is important to take photos of your car by itself with no background clutter such as other cars in the picture. Think of surrounding areas where you live. Take the car to a nice scenic area such as a park or lake. This type of background is much preferred and will definitely focus buyers to your car.

Set your car apart from the others. Tell your potential buyers what is special about your car. Write a good description. No matter how good the car looks in the photos, a one or two sentence blurb about your car leaves too many questions to be asked. It will make your sales effort much easier if you provide a good paragraph or two explaining the condition of the car along with any defects. Include what features that car has such as:
Automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning etc.
This should answer many questions upfront and attract the serious buyers.

Consider making minor repairs prior to listing the car. Many potential buyers have limited mechanical experience and want a car they can enjoy without having to do much immediate work on. If the car needs a new muffler or a few trim pieces attached it would be preferred for you to do the work instead of burdening the buyer to perform it. Remember, the least of amount of work that needs to be done will allow you to command the price you are seeking.

You can usually tell the serious buyers from the tire kickers by the questions they ask.
Whatever category your buyer falls into, it is very helpful if you are knowledgeable about
the car you are trying to sell. Brush up on the particulars of the car you are selling. Consult your owner's or shop manual for information.  Provide details and history about the car including what repairs or upgrades have been made. It is also good to point out any repairs that you are aware of that need to be made. It is much better to be upfront about such matters to let the buyer know more about what they are actually buying. Know what the car is selling for currently in relation to similar models in comparable condition. Be prepared to negotiate or set the price accordingly. To weed out the tire kickers, ask a few questions of your own. Find out how they plan to pay for the car, cash or finance. Create a sense of urgency if you have had many potential buyers inquiring about the car. Find out how soon they are looking to buy a car. Asking questions like this helps you determine if a buyer is motivated and qualified. You don't need to be a super salesman, but think about how you are treated when you buy anything from furniture to a computer. You usually feel more comfortable buying from someone who will answer your questions eagerly and accurately and has a quality product to sell. Using these tips should help you sell your car quicker and help you get the price you deserve.
By Jerry Wright -
Copyright - All Rights Reserved

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