Hot Rod Lincoln or Grandma's Creampuff.
Which type of car do you prefer?
Do you insist on buying or owning a car in as close to original condition as possible or do you choose a car that has been modified?

Original Condition
Cars that date back to 1960 are now well over 40 years old. It is increasingly harder to find such cars that are in showroom condition or are entirely original. This type of car, whether they are original or restored to this condition are increasing greatly in value. Many of the cars in this group though are rarely driven to preserve their pristine condition. Many potential buyers are interested in a "numbers matching" car, meaning the car's specifications match the VIN number which has the information of what style, color, engine and equipment the car had when it rolled off the assembly line. While many parts are available for 1960 era classic cars, some owners decide to upgrade components. Trying to maintain a car exactly as built might be extremely difficult as parts become worn.

Many classic cars have had numerous modifications. This can be for performance, safety or cosmetic reasons. Engines and transmissions eventually need to be repaired or replaced, sometimes with different versions than the original. Owners often remove fender skirts and add custom wheels and radial tires. Safety upgrades include changing over to disc brakes and power steering. Modern stereo systems are often used to replace AM radios. Many owners decide to change the paint color to something they like better. This does not even include everything that is often changed to increase the performance of the engine, especially considering the Muscle Cars. If the car is driven much, eventually many different parts or components will need replacement. Many classic car owners enjoy the best of both worlds with a modified vehicle. It allows you to have the best of both worlds by owning a classic car while enjoying modern driving conveniences. Try to find a person that bought a "classic" 1960's house that did not change a thing! Unless the car is radically altered, the value of the car can increase and often rivals the worth of the original versions.     

Original or Modified Collector Car
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