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1960classiccars.com - Celebrating the 60s era classic cars
The 1960's are a wonderful era for classic cars. Many cars in the 60's era had more modern conveniences that we take for granted today, such as power steering, power brakes and automatic transmissions than the cars of earlier eras. Other luxury features such as power windows, power seats and air conditioning are also present in many of the 1960s cars.

The 60's classic cars are old enough to be truly considered classics while still offering a driving experience more similar to what you are used to now.
But jumping in your Mini-Van for your daily commute just does not compare
to the thrill and excitement of cruising in an American made 60s classic car!
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Classic Car Decals
Major U.S. Classic Car Events
The Woodward Dream Cruise
This is the mother of all classic car events. The world's largest one day celebration of classic cars. More than 1 million visitors.  Held in August on Woodward Ave - North of Detroit, Michigan.
Autorama - Cavalcade of Customs - World of Wheels
America's premier custom car show series
Hot August Nights
A celebration of classic cars and Rock N' Roll. More than 800,000 people attend this event.
 Held in Reno and Sparks Nevada.
AutoTrader Classics
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